emmy2008 (hollygol8ly) wrote in aussie_dykes,

Fabrik Queer Night Feb 20th MELBOURNE PARTY

Fabrik's back, see behind cut for details:

We had so much fun at our Midsumma Festival party we couldn't help but follow up quickly with our Hot Rods 50s Night!

Hey Mary-Sue and Bobby-Jo, this month Fabrik is goin for the pinks so get with it!

Fabrik has been caught in a time warp. Ok fine we're just rebels without a cause, cause we are throwing roller-skate rollin, bubble gum bustin, elvis blasting drag racing, cherry spotting and just plain all-round-goodtime-bash!

So all you beautiful young guys n gays (whoops gals) with a classy chassis, slick back you hair or redo that bob... JUST as long as you floor it to Fabrik on Feb 20th!

Fabrik is gonna be razzin your berries for sure, we zouped up for a party and you better be too!

Theme: Hot Rods
Dress: 1950s Fashion

WHEN: FRIDAY 20th Feb (2nd last Friday of the Month)
WHERE? Eurotrash 18 Corrs Lane

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