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Melbourne's best hottest indie queer night... Thursday June 26th

Fabrik is back this month and it’ going to be bigger and better than ever! The theme is Fairytales, so please feel to express the sparkly glitter covered fairy within! Once you are suitably attired. Mount thy noble stead and hastily make your way to Roxanne Parlour, Coverlid Place CBD. As usual last Thursday of the month, June 26th. The usual suspects (DJs Timmy K, Carry_TheZero and Post-Percy) will be pumping out quality tunes.

Be prepared for a mystical night, with plenty magic spells and maybe just maybe some fairytale endings. It’ going to be a big one after the hiatus so don’t miss out! Please contact our promoters if you would like to be treated like royalty by being on our guestlists.

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