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Australian national conference: Queer Collaborations 2009

What: Queer Collaborations is a national queer conference. It's full
of educational and activist-ey fun, with something for everyone.

Who? All trans, intersex, lesbian, bisexual, gay, etc people are
welcome. Usually about 90% of the delegates are university students.

Where? Canberra

When? July 13-18

How much does it cost? $45 + accommodation + food + travel

Is it really that great? Yes! You will learn cool stuff in the
workshops, and meet lots of interesting young people from around the
country. It's super fun.

For more info, contact qc09@anu.edu.au

If you are coming, please register by July 1st. If you're travelling
far you should book your travel tickets really soon, because those
bastards at the airlines charge way too much if you leave it to the
last minute.


PS if you can pass this message on to any groups I haven't sent it to,
I would love you for ever and ever.
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