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zines anyone?

hey all here's the deal: i flew into australia for my first time via melbourne several months ago now and zines were everywhere! there was even a zine fair the first week i got to town. sooo it being my first exposure to australia, i was under the impression there would be plenty of places for me to drop them off all over the country. i took off backpacking up the east coast with a gigantic pile of zines in my bag, and, having covered thousands of kilometers, i have not found one shop that stocks them since i left melbourne, so the pile is still quite gigantic and cumbersome...i'm getting rid of them by donation, some help covering the cost of postage would be awesome. if you're interested tell me where to send them, and how many! i'll get them in the mail first post office i see. we'll sort out the rest later.

the zine is called below noon. i have 2 issues available. here's a description of one of them:

below noon #3 is about girl sex and booze and bodily function. and elementary school. this is all contained in 3 short stories, 2 of which are memoir, one of which is my first shot at letting other people read my fiction. all of which are intended to make you laugh. there's also a mad lib and some other random stuff.

it's 1/4 size, about 50 pages, and includes illustrations by amber case.

below noon #2's feature story is called 'the libido process: growing up horny in rural america'...

both are quite straightforward, deviant.

feel free to email me with any questions:


p.s. beyond that i'm in darwin at the moment, and will be headed down the center towards melbourne again. if anyone knows places i might be able to drop some off along the way please let me know! darwin? alice springs? adelaide?

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