October 27th, 2001

  • larcin

We're here, we're queer...

... lets drink some beer.

For any of you lucky enough to live in Smogney (a.k.a. Sydney. Ha ha. Hah. Ah har har har har), some friends and I are thinking of organising a big net-meet of sorts. Most of the people are IRCers, mainly from #GaySydney and #SydneyLesbians (on DALnet), and whoever we've mentioned it to.

So if you're up for a retarded net-meet (as everyone knows they always are) with a bunch of semi-geek dykes (and their dogs) and poofs, let me know. Nothing has been set in concrete... we're thinking of a BBQ ("BYO tofu")of sorts, maybe near a beach... Once more people have expressed interest, we'll set it up. :)
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