November 16th, 2001

circle burns day turns

I'm thinking about why women are beautiful...

And just thought I'd share it.

I'm thinking about... perfect, golden skin. Perfect, soft golden skin on a summer's night, so there's just the faintest moist feeling when you touch it. A gently curving hip. No, a slightly rounded stomach. An adorable pierced bellybutton in the middle. Graceful, rose tipped breasts, that fit into your palms just so.

Have you ever noticed how amazingly beautiful a girl's thighs can be? Long and slender, tapered slightly, rounded, perfect for running your hands across. Perfect Botticelli limbs sliding into a slightly dimpled knee. The full feeling of cupping her calves in your hands, stroking slowly down to her delicate ankles. Like silk, under your hands, like sculpted clay.

The female form is so beautiful. Proud shoulders, well set with an artist's detail to them, just the slightest hollows on the collarbone. Made for kissing, made for following the line from the throat to the shoulder, around the gentle curve and onto the arm. Touch your tongue to her skin and groan.

The breastplate, between her breasts, a place to nuzzle and taste. A flat abdomen, her curving ribs, so you can count them with your fingers. The soft skin just below the navel, slightly ticklish. Her hips, flowing smoothly from curve to curve, a secret place usually hidden from the sun. Yours to cup, to hold, to splay your fingers over and claim.

Women move so well. With grace, with an innate sensuality they don't even seem to be aware of. Backs arched, hips swaying, stepping just so, biting their lips and gazing up through their lashes. Every smile is flirtatious, and when they gaze at the sky, their tongue peeking out to sweep over their lips, I want to break. The warmth in their cheeks. Women are so beautiful.

Full-figured, tom-boy slim, tall, short, in between, I love it all, although I must admit a certain weakness for petite curvy redheads. Dress them in designer chic or an old pair of jeans and her dad's business shirt. Make them pretty and girly, or strong and butch, just make her a girl, make her have smooth skin and gentle breasts. A mouth for me to kiss and eyes for me to admire.

Put a silver collar on her neck and she's perfect. Paint her pretty colours and call her art. Tangle a flower in her hair and she's a goddess. Kiss her lips until they're swollen, tease her until her eyes glitter, dance with her until she laughs. Take a picture, frame her, a little part of her frozen in time, laughing, happy, dancing. Don't forget her, don't leave her, just need her.

And say her name like it's honey on your tongue.
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