November 24th, 2001

  • acme


WOW!!!! I saw the band Fruit play last night at the Basement in Sydney. What can I say?!?! If anyone here EVER has the chance to see them live, GO FOR IT! I must admit I wasn't too keen on the CD of theirs that I'd heard up until now, but having seen them live I like it heaps more now. The show was so great in every way. Shhh, don't tell, but Mel is my favourite :)

Also, their support act, Jodi Moore and Nicole Brophy were extremely awesomely great too. Nicole and Jodi are playing at the Basement again on Jan 8, I'll certainly be there! Well, well worth it.

So yeah, check out Fruit @

Also take a look at these two awseome women @

And seeing them live is just, oooh, it's just great. Go see for yourself. They're touring a bit in the next few days/weeks so be quick!!!
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