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2009 Sydney Mardis Gras

Hi guys!! So I'm going to Mardi Gras this weekend, however I have Softball Semi Finals as well which finsihes at 6pm in Glenmore Park, near Penrith... SOOOooo... does anyone know what time the parada starts? Coz I don't want to miss it! Also... do you think I'd be better off driving, or getting the train from Penrith? If you think I'd be better off driving... where should I park? Any help that you guys can give me regarding this would be appreciated :)


Ellen Page

Melbourne Queer Night

Its close to midnight and something evils lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart
Yes that right, its going to be a thriller night this Halloween @ Fabrik.
The Night creatures call and the dead start to walk in their masquerade October 31st @ Eurotrash.

Theme: Hammer Horror
Dress to strike fear into the hearts of passers-by!

9PM Onwards, cheap drinks before 10PM.

(Venue has outdoor smoking area)

Our lovely DJs are back once more including Carry_TheZero, Post-Percy and MellyDee & Little Cake.
Ellen Page

Melbourne's best hottest indie queer night... Thursday June 26th

Fabrik is back this month and it’ going to be bigger and better than ever! The theme is Fairytales, so please feel to express the sparkly glitter covered fairy within! Once you are suitably attired. Mount thy noble stead and hastily make your way to Roxanne Parlour, Coverlid Place CBD. As usual last Thursday of the month, June 26th. The usual suspects (DJs Timmy K, Carry_TheZero and Post-Percy) will be pumping out quality tunes.

Be prepared for a mystical night, with plenty magic spells and maybe just maybe some fairytale endings. It’ going to be a big one after the hiatus so don’t miss out! Please contact our promoters if you would like to be treated like royalty by being on our guestlists.
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  Hey everyone, I am new here.
I just thought id post some stuff because I have been lurking for a while and finally decided to join!
My name is Tobi, (Girl Tobi, weird I know.) I am 18 and live about 2 hours down the coast from Sydney.
I am currently in a relationship with my lovely gorgeous to die for girlfriend Morgan.

Also I though I would do this:

Three very heart pumping situations you've gotten yourself into these past 2 months

Getting my nipples pierced!
Getting tattoo's
When a delivery guy knocked on my front door and I was running around wearing no pants and got heaps freaked out that he might have seen me through the window.

Any interesting outings you've gone on or activities you've participated in.

My 18th Birthday party was pretty hectic, 
I went to see the smashing pumpkins at the hordern pavillion maybe 2 weeks ago which was pretty amazing. I have loved them since I was 5 years old because of my oldest sister.
And tonight I am going on a ghost hunt at the quarantine centre at Manly which I am really excited for. Apparently there is HEAPS of paranormal activity that goes on there at night.

Your 7 most played songs

Only the stars - ak-momo
The purple bottle - Animal collective
Knocked up - Kings of leon
Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens
Bird stealing bread - Iron and Wine
Brother - Annuals
I Can hardly breathe - Manchester Orchestra
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New Queer Night Melbourne

Search for the facebook group: Fabrik- Straight Friendly Queer Night @ Roxanne Parlour
Fabrik is German for "factory". It symbolises harship, tolerance to growth and the urge to fabricate something new for the world to experience. That is what our nights is all about. Yes it's a night. It's queer and heterosexual friendly. Fabrik likes the idea of an utopian atmosphere where sexuality, gender and race has no barriers. And it's happening at Roxanne Parlour.

Thursday 24 April 2008
9pm - 3am
Roxanne Parlour

Dress up theme: "Circus show"

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